Trustworthy Sharpening

A full service Mobile Sharpening Service. Sales/Service/Repairs on most grooming and veterinarian tools and instruments.

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Mobile Sharpening and Repair Sales & Service

Done right, Done right now!

Professional Sharpening of all types of Grooming/Beauty and Veterinary Tools

Why wait weeks to have your tools returned to you and if they aren't sharpened properly, you have to send them back and wait again. We offer same day service to most and weekend service to others. We come to you, you don't have to wait days or weeks for your equipment to be sharpened. We are fully self contained with state of the art electronics. Call us and you'll have your blades done right the first time,  with no weeks of waiting or driving to the post office on your part. 
We travel to all parts of Pennsylvania , Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia bringing you quality professional sharpening, repairs and we also sell high quality scissors.  We offer same day or next day service to clients within 60 miles of Hanover, Pa. and weekend hours to all others in our service area. 

Trustworthy Sharpening was implemented in December of 1990. At that time we picked up and delivered to customers mainly in the northern Maryland and south central Pennsylvania regions. After a decade of sharpening and understanding our clients needs we expanded to a full service mobile sharpening service and we've expanded our service area to four states. 
We offer sharpening services to all types of clipper blades. Standard , wide and T84 blades, large animal, Ceramic blades, 5 N 1 clipper blades can all be sharpened with Trustworthy precision. 

All manner of scissors can be professionally sharpened. These include, Straignt and curved scissors up to ten inches in length, thinning and chunkers, left hand and right hand scissors. Veterinarian tools and surgical instruments. 

We hone, buff and balance all scissors regardless of their application. We adjust the tension, replace bumpers and finger inserts at no additional cost. 
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Who Am I?
A few pictures of who you will see when you call me to sharpen your blades. I have greater dreams for my daughter than sharpening, but she likes helping out when I'm working. :)
And of course, all work and no play makes Jack (or Stan) a dull boy. When I'm not traveling to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Gaithersburg, Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey, State College or the many towns in between; I enjoy fishing out on my boat.